A look inside the CGI process: How we’re different

CGI ‘s unique 3D Cross Sectional Scanning process produces a highly accurate three dimensional point cloud which is ready for analysis, thus capturing both internal and external features of your complex injection molded part. Reverse Rapid Prototyping scans your part one ultrathin layer at a time, generating millions of data points while accurately reproducing the internal and external surfaces of your part.

How this helps you:

  • Accurate, complete 3D data; inside and out.
  • A permanent record of your entire part, as molded.
  • Compatible with Spec.Check™ dimensional analysis software.
  • The ability to scan multiple parts in a single process.
  • Complete your part analysis in days instead of weeks.
  • Interrogate any feature at any time (when combined with Spec.Check™ software).
  • Generate ASCII point clouds that are compatible with 3D color mapping software.
  • Dramatic reduction in time to market.

The process is simple:

  • Prepared parts are potted in a CGI shell which is then filled with Encase-It.
  • After the Encase-It cures, the block containing the part is removed from the shell and placed in the scanner.
  • Material is removed from the cured block one ultrathin layer at a time.
  • With every pass data is captured, generating a 3D point cloud.