Spec.Check™ Software

More productivity. Solid, simple configuration & features

CGI’s Spec.Check™ software solution converts raw scan data into meaningful information. Spec.Check™ imports clean, accurate point cloud data from CGI’s unique 3D Cross Sectional Scanning process thereby giving the user full control of their scanned part, allowing all areas to be precisely inspected and measured.

Allows for interrogation of any feature at any time

Spec.Check™ is easy to learn, easy to use and lightning fast! Ultra-dense point clouds appear in seconds with automatic registration to a virtual XYZ fixture. Using CGI’s Spec.Check™ template function, subsequent cavities are measured in seconds and a complete analysis report is generated within minutes, exportable to PDF and Excel formats.

An extensive set of measurement tools generate pass/fail reports

  • Create unlimited 2D cross sections anywhere in the point cloud of your part.
  • Probe multiple distances, lengths, radii, diameters and angles.
  • Find centerlines, intersections and corners.
  • Report with visual pass/fail mark-ups.
  • Inspection data can easily be exported into PDF and Excel formats.
  • Spec.Check™ template functionality eliminates operator variance.

Spec.Check™ is the one tool for complete part analysis, mold qualification, process control, and failure analysis.

Screen Captures

Spec.Check™ 3D scanning software - Top view
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Spec.Check™ 3D scanning software - Right side view
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Spec.Check™ 3D scanning software - Front view
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Spec.Check™ 3D scanning software - Cross section
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